1992 Volkswagen Transporter
Eurovan style crew cab 1/2 ton pickup truck
Volkswagen VW Transporter-Eurovan
Capacity: 1000 KG odometer: 123,000 kilometres
Engine: "AAF" 2.5 litre, 5 cylinder inline gas Transmission: 5 speed manual
Doors: 4 door Exterior Colour: White
Price: $21,500  
Seating:   2 captain's chairs + 3 on rear bench, huge leg room


1992 Excellent condition. 79,000 original miles, 4-door large crew cab, full-size 6' x 7' cargo bed, fold-down sides converts to flat-bed, trailer hitch assembly, front captain's chairs, rear full bench, 5spd, 5 Cylinder Audi engine (better gas mileage than any domestic truck) strong but very economical. Very rare and unique truck. Parts are all Eurovan and easily available. Easily imported to the US. Eurovan ride with truck practicality.

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Below: picture when vehicle was used as a shuttle for our B&B guests, tinted windows + custom rear toneau cover (decals have been removed)



Stauraum Rubber flooring and a three-seater bench seat and a storage box underneath Seating is provided for up to 6 people and there is also space for tools such as drill or circular saw, or just secure storage space.


1992 Volkswagen Eurovan Transporter
Above is a 2002 Transporter. The VW crew cab has been around for a while, here are some links:


Below the VW transporter crew cab is in service as an ambulance and also as a fire / rescue response vehic

Domestic auto-makers just recently introduced the SUV - pick-up. VW has been doing this for over 40 years!! Click the thumbnails below to see early advertisements:


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Da Da Da movie, 1.8M QuicktimeHere's the original VW Golf commercial featuring Trio's 1982 song "Da Da Da" as background music. This commercial not only helped sell some VW's, but also started a cottage industry of selling those goofy little toy skeletons.

Gates movie, 6.3M QuicktimeThe success of VW's commercial inspired this parody that features Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer from Microsoft. In this version, they pick up a Sun workstation instead of an old chair. It's kinda large (6.3 Megs), but fun to watch. I like how they mimicked most of the movements from the original version.



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